Frequently Answered Questions

You say “Question”, we say “Answer”. That’s how it goes here at StudyBlue. Whether you’re just getting started or a digital flashcard-making pro, check below for a healthy dose of help. And if you find yourself still left pondering afterwards, look to the right and reach out to us via The Forum.


How do I change my personal profile information?

Scroll over your profile picture towards the top right corner of your Backpack page and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu that appears. Here you will find a number of different profile-related sections including ‘The Basics’, ‘Account Information’, ‘Connections’, ‘Academics’, ‘Contact Info’, ‘Security’, ‘More Information’, and ‘Delete’.

How do I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password upon trying to sign in, click on the ‘Forgot password?’ link below the password field and an email will be sent instructing you on how to create a new one.

If logged into your account and wanting to change your password, scroll over your profile picture space towards the top right corner of your Backpack page and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu that appears. Within the ‘Security’ section you will be able to click on the pencil icon for editing and choose to ‘Email reset link’.

How do I change my email notification settings?

Scroll over your profile picture space towards the top right corner of your Backpack page and select ‘Preferences’ from the drop down menu that appears. You will be directed to a page where you can easily change the frequency and type of emails you would/would not like to receive. This is also the area where account privacy settings can be changed.

How do I delete my account?

Scroll over your profile picture space towards the top right corner of your Backpack page and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu that appears. At the bottom of the page you will see a ‘Delete’ section, which will give you the option to deactivate your account.


How do I create flashcards?

Log in to your StudyBlue account and you will be brought to your main Backpack page. At the top you will find three options including ‘Join class’, ‘Make flashcards’, and ‘Upload files’. Select the ‘Make flashcards’ option and you will be on your way towards creating a new deck.

How do I turn a document into flashcards?

Choose ‘Upload files’ from the three options at the top of your Backpack to select a document from your computer to store on-the-go. Once the upload is complete, select the document from within your Backpack and choose to ‘Retype as Flashccards’ from along the left hand side of the screen. A movable pop-up of blank flashcards will appear along with your uploaded document for easy transformation of the material into flashcards.

How do I import?

To automatically create flashcards, try importing a 2-column spreadsheet with one column representing the front of the flashcard and the adjacent column, the back of the flashcard. Add a new deck to your Backpack and you will find the option to ‘Import’ along the left hand side of the screen, under the deck title. Click on a previously created deck in your Backpack and you will find the option to ‘Import’ along the left hand side of the screen, underneath ‘Export’ and ‘Print’. StudyBlue supports .XLS, .XLSX, or .CSV files for import.If you have an Evernote account, you can also import notes created into your StudyBlue Backpack. Click on ‘More’ when logged into your Backpack on the website and choose ‘Import from Evernote’ from the drop down menu. Select which Evernote notebooks you’d like connected with which StudyBlue folders and click ‘Import’.

Can I export flashcards or use my decks offline?

We do not currently offer an offline desktop app but there are a couple ways to take your StudyBlue experience offline. Click on a flashcard deck and the option to export flashcards into a 2-column Excel spreadsheet will be found along the left hand side of listed cards, next to ‘Print’ and ‘Import’. StudyBlue also offers an offline study mode for the mobile app when upgraded to SB Pro.

How do I add to or edit flashcard decks I have created?

Select a flashcard deck from within your Backpack and choose to ‘Edit Deck’. If you know the specific card you’d like to make changes to, scroll over listed cards within the deck and you will see three icons appear. One of them resembles pencil and paper, which if you click on it will allow you to slide right into that flashcard and make edits. Other flashcards within the deck will be listed along the left hand side of the flashcard you are editing for easy transition into any other card that may need revisiting.

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How do I edit flashcards made by others?

When upgraded to SB Pro, you can choose to edit entire flashcard decks created by others. Open the public deck created by another StudyBlue user that you’d like to duplicate and edit. At the top of the listed terms and definitions for this deck you’ll see a button for ‘Edit Deck’ next to ‘Estimated Mastery’. Click on it and a copy of the deck will be saved into your Backpack and available for you to make changes to. Delete cards you don’t want, edit those in need of rewording and/or add more of your own so that the deck is suited to meet your specific study needs.

How do I add images and/or audio to flashcards?

When creating or editing flashcards, you will notice a paperclip icon within the ‘Term’ portion of your flashcard. Scrolling over it will display icons for adding image or audio clips no larger than 10MB. These files can be uploaded in one of three ways.
1. Upload an image or audio file saved on your computer.
2. Copy and paste a URL associated with an image or audio file into the URL field.
3. Drag and drop images in browsers supporting HTML5
If you’d like to upload an image or audio clip to the “Definition” side of your flashcard(s) as well, you can do so by upgrading to SB Pro.

How do I merge separate decks into one?

Merging multiple flashcard decks can be accomplished by adding decks to a class folder or sub-folder and studying the contents of that folder. For example, if interested in tackling a few decks all at once in preparation for an upcoming exam, create a sub-folder within the appropriate class titled ‘Exam Review’ and drag and drop all of the decks you need to into it. Scroll over the folder and click the Actions option to the far right of the folder’s name. A drop-down menu will appear from which you can choose ‘Flip Cards’ and begin tackling all of the materials inside through one cumulative study session. If you’d like to create an entirely new deck generated from all of the deck materials within a folder or subfolder, choose ‘Merge into Deck’ from the Actions menu.

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How do I set a flashcard deck to ‘Private’?

Changing the privacy settings of your study materials can be done by clicking on a flashcard deck or uploaded document in your Backpack and clicking on the ‘Settings’ link along the left hand side of the page. From the pop-up that will appear, choose ‘Privacy Settings’ and you will be given four privacy options including ‘Public’, ‘Public & Anonymous’, ‘Private’, or ‘Password Required’. All things added to your StudyBlue Backpack default to a ‘Public’ setting.

Study Extras

How do I search for public study materials?

When viewing your Backpack, a small ‘Search’ field should be noticeable towards the top right corner of the page next to your profile picture. Enter in a keyword and hit return on your keyboard to bring up the best matched results for either ‘Materials’, ‘Classes’, or ‘People’. Individual flashcards will appear along the top half of the screen while ‘Total Documents and Decks’ will be listed along the bottom half. You can narrow your results to include ‘Cards & docs’ or ‘Docs only’. A filter will also be available for you to focus on ‘All docs’, ‘Only docs at my school’, or ‘Only docs in my classes’.

How do I turn my flashcards into a review sheet?

To view your flashcards as a review sheet, click on a flashcard deck from within your Backpack. You should see three large green buttons along the right hand side of your listed flashcard terms and definitions. Click on the ‘Review Sheet’ button. Information from your flashcards will be laid out on a new page for you to scroll though. An option to print your flashcards as a review sheet is available by clicking on a deck and choosing ‘Print’ from along the left hand side of listed cards.

How do I turn my flashcards into a quiz?

Click on a flashcard deck from your Backpack and along the right hand side of the page you should notice a large green ‘Take Quiz’ button. Select it and your flashcard information will be laid out based on a combination of three different question types. You can choose from ‘Multiple Choice’, ‘True/False’ and/or ‘Type the Answer’ and enter in the number of flashcards yo would like laid out in the quiz, customizing and regenerating to fit your study needs.

Note: Flashcard definitions will need to be 50 characters or less in order to be formatted as ‘Type the Answer’ quizzes.

How do I connect my StudyBlue and Evernote accounts?

In the ‘Connections’ section of your profile page you will be able to enable the connection with your Evernote account. Hooking up your two accounts to each other will allow for the transfer of any materials made within Evernote notebooks into a particular StudyBlue folder or class, as well as give you the option to backup StudyBlue materials into Evernote.

On your StudyBlue Backpack page, click ‘More’ as found alongside ‘Join Class’, ‘Make Flashcards’ and ‘Upload Files’ options. From the ‘More’ drop down menu, select ‘Import from Evernote’ and a pop-up will appear for you to pair whichever Evernote notebooks you’d like to be paired with a StudyBlue folder or class and click ‘Import’. If you’d like to transfer your StudyBlue materials, you can do so by utilizing the backup option into Evernote under the ‘Backup Settings’ of the pop-up. Decks will appear in Evernote laid out in a review sheet-type format.

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How do I set up Study Reminders?

As a SB Pro member, ‘Study Reminders’ can be set up for a particular flashcard deck and be sent using SMS text message, a post to your Facebook wall, or an email message. Select the flashcard deck you would like a reminder on and choose ‘Study Later’ from along the right hand side of the page. A pop-up will appear prompting you to choose a reminder time interval, the method with which you would like to receive it, and whether or not you would like it to repeat.

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What are study guides and how do I create one?

Study guides are class decks generated based on both the key terms you are studying and key terms your classmates are studying that you may be missing. Study guides are accessible to all SB Pro members.To create one, select a class from your StudyBlue Backpack. If your class is eligible, you will see an option to “Get Study Guide” above the items you have created/added. Select this option or choose to “View a free preview” of what the study guide will look like before proceeding. Generating a study guide may require a bit of wait time but once it’s ready, you’ll receive a notification to your StudyBlue inbox and be able to view the guide from within your class.

Where can I find older materials that have been archived?

Materials that have not been used over a period of 6 months are automatically placed into an ‘Archive’ section of your Backpack. The ‘Archive’ serves as a place to store materials you may not necessarily want to delete but would like to store separately from current items needing your attention. You can access your archive by choosing ‘Archive’ from the drop down ‘Backpack’ menu. Once inside, you can transfer materials back to your Backpack by choosing ‘Move to backpack’.

How do I create sub-folders?

Select a class from within your Backpack and choose to ‘Add Folder’. This will create a sub-folder within your class folder to organize class materials as you see fit.

What kinds of study filters are offered through StudyBlue?

Using a free StudyBlue account, flashcard decks are able to be studied ‘In Order’, ‘Random’ or by ‘Study the Wrongs’. You can decide to tackle all of your flashcards at once or focus on the first 5, 10, or 20 and proceed from there. Other filters like ‘Hardest to Easiest’ and ‘Least Studied’ are also available to help further narrow in on which materials need attention.

How do I reset my accumulated score for a deck of flashcards?

If upgraded to SB Pro, you can reset scoring for a deck. To do so, click on a deck from within your StudyBlue backpack and choose “Reset Stats” from along the lefthand side of the page. You will also find this option by scrolling over your deck as listed in your Backpack, clicking “Actions” and choosing “Reset Stats” from the drop down menu that appears.


What devices currently support the StudyBlue mobile app?

The StudyBlue mobile app is supported on iPhone, iPod Touch (aside from the first generation), iPad and various Android phones and tablets.

How do I create flashcards using the mobile app?

Along the bottom of the mobile app screen are a number of different icons. The blue ‘+’ button in the middle brings up a blank flashcard for you to start creating a new deck with. You can even add images and audio (audio insertion available on iPhone 4S and some supported Android devices). Hit ‘Done’ at the bottom right hand corner of the screen and title your deck accordingly, assign it to a particular location, set its privacy settings, and save.

Can I edit existing flashcards using the StudyBlue mobile app?

Using the StudyBlue mobile app, you are able to create new decks of flashcards as well as add new and edit cards in any deck you’ve already created. You are also able to edit the details of a flashcard deck (such as the deck’s title, what folder it should be saved in, and/or privacy settings) through the ‘Actions’ menu for a selected deck located at the top right hand corner of the screen. In addition, transcription works for terms and definitions on the iPhone 4S and most Android phones. If you’re a SB Pro user, double tap on a flashcard as you’re creating/editing it and you’ll have access to rich text formatting options such as bold, italics, etc.

Can I use the StudyBlue mobile app without an Internet connection?

If upgraded to SB Pro, StudyBlue mobile apps offer the ability to access and study up to 50 of your most recently viewed materials in ‘offline mode’. On the mobile app home screen you will notice a tab in the middle of the screen for ‘Recently Studied’. Materials available for offline mode study will appear under this tab.


How do I create a class and invite classmates to join?

In your Backpack, press the “Join Class” button to start creating/join your class. A pop-up will appear for you to search by either the course, title, instructor or StudyBlue class code. After locating your class, press “Join” to have it added to your Backpack.

At this point, your class will be connected to the folder and any items created within the folder or dragged and dropped from your main Backpack into the folder will be viewable by all of those who have joined the class. To invite fellow classmates to join, click on the ‘Send invites’ link located within the ‘Classmates’ feed towards the right hand side of the screen. You will be given a number of different methods through which to reach out to them including email, Facebook wall post, Tweet, short link, and class code.

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How can I disconnect from a class?

Click on a class from inside your Backpack and scroll over the name as listed beside the ‘My Class’ notation towards the right hand side of the page. Choose the ‘Remove’ option that appears.

How do I register if home schooled or associated with an ‘unconventional/alternative’ type of school?

For home schools, we recommend you search and connect to the ‘Home School’ option relative to your location. If a ‘Home School’ does not already exist in your state/country, feel free to ‘Request a new school’ and we will get it added to the database for you.

For those associated with schools that fall outside the ‘High School’ and ‘University’ labels, feel free to contact us. Explain your situation and we can provide assistance on the best ways to go about adding your school. We are more than happy to help narrow down some solutions.

SB Pro

What is SB Pro?

SB Pro is an available StudyBlue upgrade, which provides users with an ad-free study experience as well as a number of other add-ons. Extra features within the SB Pro package include:

  • Study Reminders: Your phone will tell you when it’s time to study.
  • Hide Cards You Know: Keep cards you’ve already mastered out of future study sessions.
  • Equation Cards: Add complex math equations easily (and beautifully).
  • Download Shared Materials: Download and save shared notes and flashcards to your device.
  • Custom Formatting: Use Bold, Italic, Underline and Colors to personalize your cards. Insert audio and images to both the front and back of cards.
  • Offline Mode (Mobile): Study offline, everywhere that you go.
  • Advanced Search: Find answers faster. Narrow results by author, textbook, date, size and more.
  • Class Study Guides: Every card for your class, updated and delivered daily. Now available for thousands of classes.
  • Reset Study Stats: Clear your stats at anytime for a fresh start.
  • No ads: Focus, focus, focus. See only what you need to learn.

How much does it cost to upgrade?

Monthly and annual recurring payment options are available for SB Pro.

  • SB Pro: Available for $9/month or $30/year.

How do I cancel SB Pro?

When logged into your account on the website, scroll over your profile picture towards the top right corner of your Backpack page and select ‘Profile’ from the drop down menu that appears. Choose ‘Cancel’ from the ‘Next Bill’ row of your ‘Account Information’ section.

If you run into any issues or would like to further verify the cancellation, feel free to shoot us an email to

What is StudyBlue’s refund policy?

All fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used periods.

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