Finals: Studying Required, Library Optional




Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day in Madison, and I found myself yearning for some sun. Finals are just around the corner, so I need to study more than ever – but the sun doesn’t shine in the library. So, I decided to join my fellow students on the Union Terrace, an iconic landmark of the University of Wisconsin and a popular student hotspot.

I spent my afternoon reviewing econ lecture notes on the terrace patio overlooking Lake Mendota. For convenience, I decided to forgo bringing my backpack and laptop in exchange for my much lighter (and portable) iTouch and a simple notebook. Not only was I reviewing my online flashcards while catching some much-needed rays, but I spotted a guy one table over using his phone to brush up on vocabulary terms for his Spanish exam!

I’ve found the StudyBlue Flashcards app to be a great study tool, as it allows me flexibility in where I study and when I study. For example, if I take a bus to get to class, I get a few extra minutes to quickly glide through some online flashcards. Or if I would rather spend a sunny day on the terrace, I have the option to study outside rather than in a stuffy library.

The number-one benefit of mobile studying is, of course, mobility, but there are other benefits as well. For example, in a study done by PBS, they found using an iPod app can increase vocabulary knowledge by as much as 31 percent!

Being on the terrace reminds me of the wonders of spring and how studying now makes for an easier transition to a fun summer. Seeing all these other students outside studying is definitely a sign that summer is just around the corner!

Have you tried mobile studying yet? Or do you still lug a 20-pound backpack with you everywhere?

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