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Picking the perfect Halloween costume is never easy, so we’re here to help! Whether you’re dressing up by yourself, as a couple or with a group, we’ve got you covered. None of our ideas require you to buy a pre-made costume–they can all be executed by piecing together items from a thrift store or, for some, accessories from a traditional Halloween shop. You may even be able to repurpose things from your own wardrobe. We included ideas that are both clever and relevant so most people (as long as they have some general idea of pop culture) will recognize who you’re dressed as. There’s nothing worse than having to answer questions about your costume all night long, right?! Prevent the last-minute trip to the Halloween store and start thinking about what you want to be now…or let us do the work for you and select a costume from the list below!


Howie Mandel from “Deal or No Deal”


While this costume is probably better suited for your bald dad, it’s recognizable and simple to pull off for a college student. You can even turn this idea into a costume for couples by having your significant other wear a cocktail dress and carry a numbered briefcase.

Ace Ventura from “Ace Ventura” movies

ace v

A white t-shirt tucked into red pants and worn under an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt, accompanied by a comb-over swoop hairdo and stuffed animal of choice turns any regular college dude into a goofy rendition of Ace Ventura.

Dwight Schrute from “The Office”


Part your hair in the middle and wear some aviator-style reading glasses. The thrift store is your best friend when it comes to finding a suit to match Dwight’s awful style. As an added touch, walk around with a stapler in Jell-O.

Regina George from “Mean Girls”


Hey, sometimes it’s fun to be the “bad guy”…or in this case, “bad girl.” You’ll have to ruin a white tank top, but wearing it will ensure that everyone knows exactly who you are at your Halloween party. Remember, Regina George is used to having everyone know who she is. You wouldn’t want to ruin her popularity by not accurately rendering her look, would you?

Snooki from “Jersey Shore”


Bejeweled clothes and Slippers are the key here. And make sure to first-pump all night long like a true Jersey Shore-ian.

Katniss Everdeen from “The Hunger Games” movies


This costume is flexible, as you can pretty much wear anything that has an earthy color. Carrying a bow and arrows would really get you into character.


Harry and Marv from “Home Alone” movies

harry and marv

A couple of trench coats and scarves and some makeup to make you look dirty will help you pass as this mischievous duo.

Kelso and Jackie from “That ‘70s Show”

kelso and jackie

To pull off this groovy couple, wear flared pants and colorful, silky shirts. Whoever is dressing as Kelso might want to take their IQ down a few notches, too.

Russell and Carl from “Up”


Dressing up as this lovable pair requires two completely opposite costumes, as Russell is a young boy and Carl is an old man. Don’t forget to carry around plenty of balloons as an added effect.

Chuck and Wilson from “Cast Away”

cast away

Yes, Wilson is a face on a volleyball but that just makes the costume even more unique. You can get really creative with Wilson’s portrayal, while Chuck’s outfit will probably be more straight-forward.

Craig and Arianna from Spartans Cheerleaders “Saturday Night Live” skit


You better put your spirit fingers on if you’re dressing up as this colorful couple. Learn a few of their cheers so you can root on your friends while they play games at a Halloween party.


“Duck Dynasty”

duck dynasty

Everyone will recognize this group of grizzly-bearded, duck-whistle-blowing men. Camouflage is definitely a necessity with this one.

“The Sandlot”


If you’ve got a big group of friends then this is the costume for you. Each member of “The Sandlot” has their own distinct personality, so keep that in mind when divvying up roles among your friends.



Bring a childhood classic to life by dressing as Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil and Angelica for Halloween! Maybe leave the diapers out of it, though.

“Clue” game

clue game

Have you ever wanted to dress up as murder suspects? Well, here’s your chance!



Hopefully your parents have some old clothes from the ‘90s lying around the house because your mom’s washed-out jeans and dad’s baggy flannel are perfect to pull off the “Friends” look.

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