Check out these internship opportunities for March!


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Time has flown by, can you believe that it’s now mid-March? For many of our juniors and seniors, looking for summer and full-time internships is a formidable task but remember that it’s never too late for good opportunities.

Here are five top companies that are still looking for interns!

1. Disney

Check out these internships for students


One of the biggest employers, Disney offers many internships for students of all backgrounds. These roles include news & digital production, sales, computer programming, and Human Resources. In Disney’s subdivisions, you can work for Marvel, Walt Disney World, ABC, ESPN, Lucasfilm and more! Most of these internships are located in California and New York. Check out their listings and see if there’s a fit for you!

Look through Disney internships here.

2. IBM

tech, computer science, and business internships

Find out why IBM is voted to as one of the top internships for college students and see if they could be on the lookout for you! This large software and consulting company offers positions in Business, Software Engineering, Marketing, and Engineering in a variety of locations across the United States. IBM also offers an “Extreme Blue” program, for interns doing fast-paced work in 12 weeks. You’ll be working with influential leaders in technology, so this might be the boost you need for your programming or business career!

See all of the necessary qualifications and open roles here!

3. Macy’s

Check out business and tech internships at Macy's


Macy’s internships aren’t just for fashion majors. You can intern in tech in Ohio, Georgia, or San Francisco and explore store management in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and Houston. Explore E-Commerce back-end development & mobile networking through Macy’s tech internship and understand more about running a multi-million dollar department store company through Macy’s store management programs.

Learn more about these internships and apply here.

4. General Electric

Check out these summer internships at General Electric


General Electric’s internships are considered to be some of the best programs for young college students. This multinational energy and power company is still looking for interns in supply chain, engineering, marketing, Human Resources, digital technology, and more. Many interns also progress to join the company’s employee leadership program. With 252 locations across 43 countries, chances are there’s an opening near you that’s worth applying to.

Check out General Electric’s website for various opportunities and requirements here!

5. NBCUniversal

Check out these production, media, and news internships at NBCUniversal


Popular for media students, NBCUniversal helps many students get their foot in the door for industries like broadcast news, film production, and television. A huge employer, NBCUniversal hires year-round, but they’re still looking for the right interns for select summer internships. Check out their open positions in Human Resources, Content, News, Production, Software Development, and Finance, in locations such as New York, Southern California, Denver, and Miami. You’ve seen them on TV, but it’s time to take a peek behind the scenes!


Check out NBC Internships here.

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