Keys to Picking Your Major







A great step to figuring out what subjects interest you is taking several introductory classes. These classes are usually filled with freshmen and sophomores so don’t be afraid to use your first couple of semesters to explore a variety of topics. Select classes you already have a background in as well as others you’ve always been curious about. By expanding your options and testing out new topics you will increase your chances of finding the right major for you.


Don’t write off a subject without adequately trying it out first. You may be surprised to find that you truly enjoy a topic that you had a preconceived judgement about. Additionally, don’t let high school classes turn you off from a topic. College classes and high school classes are extremely different and often a teacher can make or break a subject, so don’t be afraid to try out a subject again.

Keeping an open mind works both ways, so don’t shut down a long-time interest of yours just because you feel like you’ve taken enough classes or that you’ve been doing it for too long. You’re certainly welcome to take a break for a semester but don’t remove yourself from the possibility of choosing the subject as your major.


If you are attending a large university, your school will most likely contain separate colleges in which you will study. So before you enter or even apply, make sure you know what colleges there are and the quality of those schools within the university. This may affect what and where you want to study.


When taking a variety of classes, take notice in what topics within those subjects you are particularly keen on. Often you will find that across different courses you enjoy similar, if not the same, elements of a subject. For example, if you notice you’re most intrigued when learning about the business or historical side of your classes maybe that’s the major you should be pursuing.


Hearing about another person’s experience within a certain major will be beneficial in helping you figure out if it’d be a good fit for you. So, don’t be afraid to ask upperclassmen about how they chose their major and whether they are still happy with their decision. Learning about another perspective will help you imagine what your experience would be like depending on the path you choose.


Taking others’ advice and discussing your thought process around selecting your major is definitely important, but don’t let too much outside judgement affect your decision. Don’t select a certain major just because your parents want you to or because you feel like you “should.” If you end up majoring in something you don’t enjoy, your college experience isn’t going to be as fulfilling and it will most likely affect your academic performance. Everyone should truly enjoy his or her time at college, and what you end up studying is a huge factor in affecting your happiness. Choose a major for yourself, not anyone else. We promise you will not regret it!

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