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Students get 3.8 GPA with StudyBlue


Whether you’re a responsible student that studies for tests months early or a crammer like the rest of us, you’re going to need some flashcards.


Paper ones are okay, but you run the risk of losing a couple cards during the day. With virtual flashcards, if you have your phone, you have all your flashcards. Most virtual flashcard apps are free, easy to set up and are better for the environment. But if you’re looking for one that reminds you to study and works offline, let me introduce you to StudyBlue.


I found StudyBlue in 10th grade searching for a new flashcard app. My U.S History teacher gave us difficult vocab quizzes. He wouldn’t want me to know that Alexander Hamilton advocated a centralized government---too easy. He would want me to know that Hamilton’s parents were divorced.


As you can imagine then, I’d spend hours studying for quizzes until I discovered StudyBlue.


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StudyBlue has this feature where you can type in a term on the front side, and once you click enter, a bunch of flashcards with the same term but different variations of the definition show up. I skimmed through the cards looking for ones that defined the word but also had those trivial bits of info my teacher would quiz me on.


You could click on the definition you like best and StudyBlue will add it to your deck. But to earn an A in the class, I summarized the best definitions from other users and turned them into my own. Paraphrasing helps me learn and retain information a lot better than copying and pasting!


If there ends up being too much information on the card, I bold or underline what I know are key facts, and I italicize the minor details that could be on the quiz.


I can also turn my cards into a review sheet to study later and a multiple choice/fill in the blank quiz. The quiz goes great for when you have that evil calculus teacher that wants you to memorize formulas. StudyBlue has all the exponents and radicals and fancy math symbols built in, so you don’t have to find a picture of the formulas on Google and paste them. But if you wanted to, StudyBlue supports pictures, too.


One thing I love about the flashcards section is the modes; StudyBlue gives me the option to show the cards from most to least difficult, cards I’ve studied the least, or cards I missed. That way, I don’t have to spend my time studying cards I know well.


And if I have to stop studying, StudyBlue has a Study Saver mode that saves where I left off. Even when I finish, Study Blue sends notifications to my phone to come back and study again, a great rehearsal strategy for memorization!


StudyBlue is the responsible best friend I’ve never had. It’ll remind me to study, it’ll help me find answers, it’ll even help me when there’s no internet. It works hard so I can work smart. And my 3.8 GPA can attest to it!


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