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In order to better the user experience and applicability of StudyBlue, we have put together a list of features within our product that may be overlooked. These are aspects that we believe will improve the way students study, keep organized and stay on top of their course load.

Matching Cards

Collaboration is one of the most valuable aspects of StudyBlue. When creating a deck, the matching cards feature searches the extensive StudyBlue flashcard library and allows you to browse or borrow similar cards. For example, if you are making a deck for your Biology 101 class and write the term “DNA” on the front side of a flashcard, a list of hundreds of thousands of related flashcards appear on the right sidebar. You can either manually input information from matching cards into your deck or you can simply select “Add to deck” and the flashcard will appear in your Biology 101 deck. This feature gives users the chance to get a better grasp on terms and learn information they may have otherwise overlooked.

Notes To Flashcards

The ability to upload notes to StudyBlue and easily turn them into flashcards eases the transition from classroom to library. In other words, this feature helps users transfer their lecture notes–presumably a large chunk of material–into simpler, more succinct deck of flashcards that can be added to and subtracted from as the unit goes on. After uploading a document of notes, you can select “Retype as cards” which will prompt a pop-up flashcard window. From here you can scroll through your notes and create flashcards at the same time. In this way, you don’t have to switch back and forth between tabs or windows when making a deck. You will be forced to consciously weigh the importance of each piece of information in your notes, which will help you master the material. You can stay on top of all of your classes by uploading notes and transferring them to flashcards as soon as possible so you’re not stuck cramming when it comes to test time.

Offline Mode

Using StudyBlue mobile (iOS and Android) and don’t have an Internet connection or a cellular network? No problem! With Offline Mode you can access your Recently Studied or My Materials list even when you’re not connected to WiFi. Giving students the ability to study on-the-go is something that we value very much. We understand that our users have extremely busy schedules and how difficult it is to balance school, extracurricular activities, a social life and, for some, a job, so Offline Mode helps our users succeed even when they don’t have time to study at the library.

Power Creator Program

One of StudyBlue’s biggest advantages is the shear size of its library, which consists of over 300 million pieces of user-generated content. Students see value in what we provide because semester after semester, year after year our users continue to produce great flashcard decks and upload relevant documents. We believe those users who create and share quality content deserve to be rewarded–they are the ones who provide the fuel to keep StudyBlue’s engine running, after all. The Power Creator Program gives users the opportunity to earn up to a full school year of StudyBlue Pro for for free if you’re a non-paying user or up to two free months of StudyBlue Pro if you’re already a paid user. Become a Power Creator by creating two eligible pieces of content that is studied by another StudyBlue user. Eligible content is defined as a flashcard deck (made up of 20 or more cards) or notes (three or more pages). Once the content is created and studied by another StudyBlue user, you’ll automatically be upgraded to StudyBlue Pro. All eligible content must be public in order to be eligible. Private content does not qualify. For more information visit the Power Creator Program FAQ page.

Adding Interests

While students make up the majority of StudyBlue’s demographic, we also serve a large number of users who are not currently enrolled in school – what we call “Lifelong Learners.” These are users that are interested in things such as playing guitar, fixing computers, bartending and mastering the art of pilates, among countless others. To begin honing your hobby, simply select “Add Interest.” Just like in your Classes, you can make sub-folders within your Interests to help keep you as organized as possible. Another example of how adding Interests can benefit our users is by providing them with a platform to prepare for job interviews, learn a new menu or drink list or brush up on their Spanish vocabulary before going on vacation.

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