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Meet Narisha, a freshman at UW-Platteville, originally from the Fiji Islands.

What do you love about your school? 

I have always wanted to go this school. When my family first moved to Wisconsin from Fiji, we lived in Platteville for a couple months with my great aunt and uncle. Since then, Platteville has been a second home for me. That’s what I love about the school. I don’t miss home when I’m here because I feel like I am home. Also, everyone is really nice and helpful on campus.

What are you majoring in and why did you choose it?

I am majoring in Computer Science, specifically in Computer Information Systems (CIS). In middle school, I took my first programming class that I enjoyed very much. Since then, I have been interested in programming and computers. I wanted to do something that involves computers. At first, my major was Software Engineering but then I realized that I didn’t enjoy the engineering part of the major and that Software Engineering was a very specific major. To be flexible in what I do in the future, I decided that I wanted to pick a major that would allow me to adjust more easily to my job in the future. With a CIS major, I will be allowed that flexibility in the future.

What is your favorite activity to partake in outside of school and where do you see yourself heading after graduation?

I love to play soccer outside of school, but since coming to Platteville, I have not had the chance to continue playing soccer. However, I enjoy spending time with my friends and doing activities with clubs and groups I am a part of. After graduation, I see myself possibly starting my own company after getting experience working for other companies.

How much time do you use a mobile device and what are your favorite applications?

I use my phone for about 10-15 hours a day and I spend a couple of hours a week studying on my mobile device.  My favorite applications include Email, Text Messaging, Snapchat, Music, and my Calendar.

 How do you incorporate StudyBlue into your daily/weekly routine?

I incorporate StudyBlue into my routine by promoting the StudyBlue App and by telling people about it if I think it can help them study better. My favorite features on StudyBlue are the ability to quiz myself on the decks and make study guides from folders with decks in them. By being able to quiz myself on the decks, I know which cards I need to study more so I do not waste time studying the cards I already know.

Any advice for students on how to prepare for exams?

Start by studying the cards everyday, then study the cards every couple days, then study the cards every couple weeks. That’s a good way to retain what you study. If you cheat while studying, you will only be cheating yourself.

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