Meet our February Instagram Giveaway Contest Winners!


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StudyBlue has just selected our winners for the second Instagram Giveaway Contest!


Blick pencil bag, stickers, clips, Muji and Zebra Mildliner Pens


This was our second giveaway for the #StudyGram or #StudyBlr community on Instagram. We received so many amazing notes from Instagrammers all across the United States. To see the winners of our first contest, check out this article here.


StudyGrams are Instagram blogs devoted to studying and creating beautiful and organized notes with pens, markers, and illustrations. We love StudyGrams that include visuals for important to understand concepts in subjects such as trigonometry, chemistry, and geology.


Our panel of judges picked these talented StudyGrammers for our second round of Instagram giveaways. Here is a feature on these winners and their incredible StudyGram pictures!


  1. Emily L. or @6.02 on Instagram


 Instagram Contest Winner 6.02 StudyBlr Instagram Contest Winner 6.02 StudyBlr

Emily from Brown University combines neat handwriting and small clear diagrams with her simple and organized style. It helps to have key vocab and the most important points on the top of the page. We like her cute touches with her yogurt drink and clip. Taking a picture in bright lighting on a white background is white helpful for letting your audience focus on the details!


  1. Nataly B. or on Instagram


StudyBlr Contest Winner StudyBlr Contest Winner


We love Nataly’s picture-perfect trigonometry notes. Remember, the best notes don’t have to be the one with the most intricate designs. Her simple pink theme gives us a great pop of color along with well-organized notes that make trigonometry fun!


  1. Ann P or Pharmdstudy on Instagram

StudyBlr winning entry studyblr winning entry

This future pharmacist from Texas makes phenomenal notes! Ann’s notes break down the difficult concepts and formulas of chemistry with her simple but effective illustrations. The bright titles make it easy to organize her notes as well, and as you can see, she has a lot! Making your notes on graphing paper is also a great alternative that helps you keep your sentences and drawings neat and uniform.


For their efforts, these amazing three will get a gift package each of Muji pens, Zebra mildliners, planners stickers, clips, a Muji notebook, a pen-carrying case, and a StudyBlue Pro membership! Well done, Emily, Nataly, and Ann!

Blick pencil bag, stickers, clips, Muji and Zebra Mildliner Pens Muji pens, clips, Muji notebook Blick pencil bag, stickers, clips, Muji and Zebra Mildliner Pens


Thanks also for the shout outs, Ann & Nataly!

Instagram Story Instagram giveaway

To learn how to make your own StudyGram, check out this informational video from popular StudyGrammer and Youtuber, StudyQuill.


Plus, for a chance to get featured, tag StudyBlue in your notes. Don’t forget to follow us here! If you didn’t win this time, have no fear! Our March StudyGram giveaway is coming soon, so stay connected with us! ❤️


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