How to Go to Festivals on a Dime


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For many of us, Coachella is a dream festival, but one we can’t possibly afford to pay for. Even if you’re able to dish out the dinero for a weekend pass, chances are, the extra fees like transportation, food, and lodging will get you. Here are some tips on how to shave off the extra costs and attend festivals on a dime!

1. Make your own flower crowns and festival outfits

How to make your own flower crown for students on a budget


Instead of purchasing a flower crown and buying an expensive bodysuit or two piece outfit, consider making one of your own. Not only is it a fun arts and crafts exercise that gets you in the zone for a music festival, but it also means money saved and that no one will have the same outfit as you.

This tutorial shows you how to embellish bralettes, add fringe, and assemble a bag to go from basic to glam.



Making flower crowns is easy and you can easily purchase the supplies from a Michaels  or JOANN Fabric and Crafts. Check out this helpful video below. All you need are some plastic flowers, wire, green duct tape, and 5-10 minutes of time!


2. Ease Up on the Booze

two women holding beer at a festival


For our readers over 21, we know that a music festival and alcohol seems to go hand-in-hand. However, you can easily rack up a tab you might not want to look at when you’re sober. Festival drinks can easily range from $9 to even $15! Don’t forget that beer can also dehydrate you, especially in festivals in hot weather, like Coachella and EDC.

Make sure to hydrate no matter what! Check festival restrictions to see which festivals will allow you to take water bottles in and which have hydration stations to help you refill your canteen.

Party sober!

3. Give smaller events some love

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It should be obvious, but go to cheaper festivals!

We posted an article last week about about festivals around the US that are cheaper than Coachella.

Make sure also to also check out local community music events. See if your city offers free concerts in the park, indie local music festivals, or benefit concerts. These are are even better when you don’t have to travel, stand in long lines, or pay really marked up prices for a drink!

Plus, if you’re hoping just to see one or two artists, and a few smaller acts, there’s no reason to dish out an entire $400 festival fee. Use websites like Songkick or Bands in Town to see when your fave is visiting near you.

4. Volunteer!

students volunteering to go to a music festival


Did you know that you can volunteer to work at festivals for free admission? It’s worth asking around to see if you have friends that know small businesses hoping to find volunteers to serve ice cream and hot dogs.

Volunteering often means that you’ll miss part of festival and won’t be paid, but you’ll still get into the festival for free for when you’re off the shift. Depending on your shift, it might also mean working early in the morning to set up and doing clean up crew late into the night after the festival. Volunteering to get in isn’t for everyone, but it’s one of the cheapest ways to get into the festival without having to spend a dime, just your time.

5. Buy Early

students take advantage of prices by buying early


If you’re confident that you want to go to a music festival, buy the early bird prices before they sell out. Sometimes this means purchasing the tickets before the headliners are released, but you’ll be able to save $100 or more on a great festival experience. Make sure to also book your hotels or set couchsurfing arrangements well in advance! Purchase your airfare at least two or three ahead of the festival to get the best rate.

You can also save money by waiting later and buying a one or two day ticket to see your favorite headliner. Just be aware of the risk! All weekend passes are usually sold out by the time one or two day passes sell out.

Good luck, students! And don’t forget to stay safe while having fun!


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