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A significant focus we have here at StudyBlue is developing a keen insight and understanding into how students learn more effectively. And sometimes it’s surprising to be reminded just how much the basics matter.

You can spend days reviewing your class notes, studying them over and over, and even know them cold. And then go into the exam confident that you’re going to ace it. only to get your grade and be heartbroken to see it’s a B.

The problem may just be your notes and your note-taking skills.

B students take B level notes. It’s just about impossible to get an A from studying B level notes. You master what you managed to get out of the lecture on your own…what you’re able to comprehend or write fast enough or have the skills to distill from the flow of the lecture.

And if you’re like most of us, you had some tips for taking notes in high school (or did fine without taking them), and you’ve been on your own ever since. Chances are, you’ve never compared your notes to someone else’s. That’s where most of us miss out.

It’s amazing how easy it is to separate great notes from average ones, and how you can dramatically improve the quality of your own notes by comparing them with other students’ notes. This isn’t copying, it’s applying critical thinking to improving your note taking abilities, noticing where and why you might have missed an important insight or comment, and making improvements.

If you’re a B student hoping to become an A student, or anyone hoping to improve a grade, you’ll need to improve your note-taking and your notes. You can only master the material you know.

But it can be totally overwhelming to figure out what to do better. Just type “note taking skills improvement” in google, and you’ll get a tidy 3.2+ million citations to crawl through to find a better way.

This is where StudyBlue comes in.

We’re the largest site for comparing and studying notes, and a world-class web environment for you to hone your study skills. You’ll find notes for an amazing variety of classes at a number of top schools.   Compare ‘em to yours and see what you might be missing or how you can improve. And if you don’t find any, send StudyBlue a message and they’ll notify you when any are added for your class.

The only cost to search and view all the shared course content on the largest note sharing site on the web is 3.2 seconds of your time…unless you type faster than me.

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