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Here at StudyBlue, we recognize one of the beautiful things about our community is the momentum that can gather around the vocalization of a single idea. This time around, the community suggested the ability to export flashcards. We are pleased to announce that we have delivered, with the release of our new export feature, a more flexible way for you to manage your flashcards.

Using the export feature is incredibly simple. To use, click on a flashcard deck you have created and stored inside your Backpack. Along the right hand side of the screen, you will see a number of different ‘Actions’ available to choose from. Second from the bottom is ‘Export’. Selecting it will download your flashcard information into a 2-column .CSV Excel spreadsheet. One column will list ‘Terms’ with ‘Definitions’ listed in the adjacent column. Images do not currently transfer and there may be some difficulties with certain foreign language characters but we will strive to make improvements in whatever way we can.

The exporting feature is especially handy when partnered with the import feature. For example, let’s say you went on a flashcard-making spree and found yourself with a large deck in need of splitting. You could export the deck and easily select cards in bulk to delete entirely or separate onto new spreadsheets. These spreadsheets could then be used to create new flashcard decks better suited to fit into your methods of studying when imported back into StudyBlue (I mean, where else would they be imported?).

As always, we welcome any feedback and encourage you to reach out with any questions or ideas you may have for future updates. Check out our community forum to create and/or contribute to discussions with fellow users and members of the StudyBlue team.

You may first turn to StudyBlue needing to study—but by working together, you’ll come back wanting to study.


    • While we’d love more user interaction on our blog, studying is the #1 priority for all of us. We thank you for reading this post and hope our study tools are making you a better student, and in turn, a better person.

      PS: Your Medical Tutorial site is a prime candidate for StudyBlue flashcards to help practice for quizzes!

  • Lisa

    When you say images do not “currently” transfer, does that mean that feature is coming soon? I hope so! My anatomy TA puts up images of all bones, muscles, etc into big decks and I always have to recreate them one flashcard at a time in order to split up the deck for easier studying.

    • Lisa – We certainly cannot promise anything at this point in time but we definitely understand how useful it would be. Only good things are ahead for the site so keep your eyes peeled 🙂

  • Shaun Anderson

    im so proud of study blue (: when I saw the new homepage I was excited to see this site growing and that I can say that I contributed some! good job, and kudos to everyone at SB

    • Wow – thank you, Shaun! It means a lot to read this kind of praise. We do try to continuously build upon what users can do with our site and hope things only keep getting better from here on. Please feel free to reach out to us via email ( or through our community forum whenever you may need.

  • Scotch1974

    I can’t get your app to download from the app store. It will just say “Downloading on both my mac and my Iphone. It will come up with an alert that it can not download it at this time.

  • charles buttigieg

    hi !!! Can anyone please tell me how to delete flashcards I dowloaded and dont need any more ? Otherwise its really a great app.

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