Apps Worth Trying: StudyBlue

The Evernote App Center is full of apps that extend how Evernote can be used in nearly every facet of your daily life, from professional pursuits to academic endeavors. In this series, we introduce some of our user’s favorites.

Micah Thomas studies mechanical engineering at Santa Clara University. He uses StudyBlue to create flashcards assembled from his Evernote notes. It’s the perfect tool for students to create and study notes, anywhere.


Take Note

Micah uses Evernote to take class notes because it’s quick to open and easy to use compared to other applications. Lecture notes, creative short stories, and song writing are some examples of work that he saves in Evernote. He keeps a notebook stack for each class. Since many course notes contain diagrams, he uses a tablet and annotates information with Skitch.

In a Flash

StudyBlue makes it easy to convert content from an Evernote note into flashcards to study and self-test. It also compiles study guides that pull related flashcards together that you can use yourself, or share with classmates. Micah’s physics and chemistry courses are content-heavy, with definitions, equations, and examples that he needs to memorize. Using notes from Evernote, he creates flash cards to study on his mobile phone when waiting in lines, or during class breaks.