AppsZoom – 5 iPhone Apps To Stop You Flunking Your Finals

It’s that time again. Finals are here!

I guess you’re not that ecstatic about them. That’s understandable. Even those nerds who always ace every exam wish they could bypass them.

It’s normal to be stressed. You’ve got you whole year’s work and dedication resting on just a couple of weeks of testing. And the best way to reduce the stress and to worry less is to have things clear and prepared in your head: and unfortunately, that means cramming.

Luckily, students can now count on the fantastic help of iPhone apps, offering great tools for supporting your study plans. Today we’ve got some of our favorites – apps that will no doubt help you end your study year well.


StudyBlue also gives you access to literally hundreds of different resources (some free, some for a fee) in a variety of study areas, but it also lets you take down your own notes in the format of your choice (either text, audio or photo).

You can also find your college or university in the app, and join groups for each of the subjects you take. That way, you can easily get in touch with your classmates and teacher, and gain access to any shared classroom material.