WNDU –┬áBack to School ‘App of the Day’: StudyBlue

Thursday’s app is called ‘Study Blue’.


It is a crowdsourced app that allows you to make study guides and notecards for classes.

You can even select the school you go to and it will create a list of classes available there.

The basic app is free, but there is a pro version available. You can find it for both Android and Apple devices.

About StudyBlue
StudyBlue delivers the mobile and online study service that help students learn their stuff, for free. StudyBlue provides a Digital Backpack™ for students to store, study, share and ultimately master course material – working alone or together. Flashcards with images and audio, cloud storage for notes, personalized practice quizzes and free mobile apps are among the tools offered.
Michelle Lee
mlee (at) studyblue (dot) com