Computerworld – Heading back to school? Try these 11 terrific tech tools.

We’ve found some cool devices for your academic adventures, including innovative ways to power your smartphone, a tiny but powerful portable speaker and a new app that helps you share your notes.

The digital generation is heading off to school again — and as we do every year, we’ve picked out some gadgets and apps that’ll help with studying, relaxing and just plain being a student.

We’ve made our selections with a budget in mind: Our priciest item lists for $130, while the lowest-priced accessory comes two for $10. Check the usual online suppliers, though, because most are available at a discount.


StudyBlue is a free app (for the Web, iOS or Android) that connects you to fellow students so you can share materials and notes. Sign up, add your school and classes, and then you and your peers can create flashcards, get personalized quizzes and access other collaborative study materials.

If you want more features, a subscription to StudyBlue Pro ($9/month, $24/3 months or $48/year) also lets you browse the notes and flashcards from other schools around the world — StudyBlue claims to have more than 250 million pieces of educational content available. StudyBlue Pro also adds audio and images, an equation editor for math flashcards, text formatting and the ability to save content in PDF format.