Edudemic – 3 Best Free Flashcard Apps for Students

3. StudyBlue

Out of the three apps, StudyBlue has the most options when it comes to study modes. This is the biggest feature. In addition to that, the user interface is easy to use and functional, although not as intuitive as the other two. Additionally, this app requires phone internet, which will eat at your data plan a little. You sacrifice a little usability for a bunch of functions. That trade off isn’t too bad.

Website for Community Sharing. Like the other two apps, StudyBlue also has a web version that is great. It contains a whole host of community flashcards that are shared, which is fantastic for students. Borrow other users’ flashcards and learn from them. Of course, you are able to create your own custom flashcards as well.

Custom Flashcards with Options. StudyBlue allows students to input hints and answers using text, photographs, or recorded audio. This opens up the possibilities and helps students ingrain concepts and ideas into their memories via multiple senses. It has been shown that engaging multiple senses allows for more cognitive connections. In addition, StudyBlue also allows for rich-text editing, letting users add bold, italics, underline, change text color, and add subscripts and superscripts.

Multi-option Study Modes. One of our favorite features of StudyBlue is the customizable experience. There are three main study modes: Flip Cards, Take Quiz, and Review Sheet. Within each of these, users are able to choose the number of cards, the order (hard to easy, random, in order), submission type (multiple choice, type the answer, true/false), among many others. This allows students to study from different angles in order to make sure they understand.

Conclusion: In summary, StudyBlue is a feature-filled highly customizable app that will help students approach their learning from many angles. The only downside is that it requires internet to function, so there isn’t a local flashcard option. Other than that, if you don’t mind that fact, this is an app that will help students study effectively and efficiently.