Huffington Post College – School Your School With These 8 Digital Tools

Is your New Year’s resolution to get better grades? Make studying and school projects easier — or even fun? Luckily tech out there can help you study, organize, and most importantly get that A. Here is a list for owning the classroom in the digital age.

StudyBlue uses crowdsourcing to provide students with study materials on specific classes. Described as a “learning app,” StudyBlue allows you to use a computer or mobile device to access a “digital library of study materials.” StudyBlue considers itself the largest digital source for online flashcards, review sheets, and quizzes.

The most interesting thing about the service is that the study guides are designed by other students. For a subscription ($18/mo or $79/yr) you gain full access to the library. Or you can even purchase a study guide individually ($9). But for free you can at least create your own materials to review.