– 19 Top Free Apps for College Students

College students will soon be heading back to school—with their mobile devices in hand. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite free back-to-school apps that can help you score an A in College 101.

Whether it’s studying for a test, learning better eating habits, or even finding your car in a giant university parking lot, we’ve got you covered. And check our back-to-school shopping guide for advice on just about everything you’ll need to know.

Study aids

STUDYBLUE  is the app that’ll help you ace your next multiple-choice test. You can create digital flashcards and upload study materials to review on the computer or your smartphone. This app can even filter out the flashcards you know by heart to ensure you learn the hard ones as well. Import your notes from Evernote (in the Productivity section) for a stronger study session. For iOS and Android.