StudyBlue Lands $3.65 Million Series A

Funding To Fuel Rapid Expansion, New Mobile Platforms and Capabilities
MADISON, WI – October 15th, 2010

StudyBlue, an Internet service that helps students study more efficiently and more effectively, announced Series A financing of $3.65 million to fuel growth across the nation’s colleges and universities and to expand the company’s mobile efforts. As students raised with the Internet, “digital natives,” enter the college classroom, they are turning their attention to mobile internet services that can help them access their class materials and study, whenever and wherever. This means a seamless experience that spans laptops to smart-phones to tablets providing simple, powerful tools that resonate with students who are both very busy and very serious about academic success.

The $3.65 million financing announced today brings total funding to $6.5 million raised from investors over the past two years. In that time, the service has expanded from 25 campuses to more than 500 across the nation. In the current school year, student enrollment has skyrocketed and continues to grow virally.

“Students in college today grew up with the Internet and attached to their mobile phones. Studying is no longer a pen and paper affair, it’s digital, it’s mobile and it has to be more efficient. StudyBlue is focused on friction free studying with a valuable free service that offers students access to tools and content across their entire class load.” said Becky Splitt, CEO, StudyBlue. “We help students make the most productive use of their valuable study time, providing them the first complete learning toolset that meets them at their level of technological fluency.”

The StudyBlue platform is architected with academically researched learning principles and insights that have proven to strengthen students’ subject mastery and retention, increase their learning efficiency and engagement in the classroom.

“What is compelling and unique with StudyBlue’s platform is its focus on improving how students learn, with academic integrity,” said John Wiley, former Chancellor of UW Madison, and a member of the StudyBlue Board. “This is an approach that students find comfortable and natural, and that educators can view as complementary to the classroom.”

StudyBlue is comprised of an always accessible digital study home, organized by class, enabling students to upload or transcribe their class notes and create digital flashcards and study guides. The tools are designed to be easy to use, but bring a focus to studying that helps students identify the content they have yet to master and then easily create study sessions focused on those weaknesses. This same toolset can help students assess their readiness for exams by intelligently generating quizzes.

The inspiration for StudyBlue came from listening to students expressing frustration with the lack of an effective online learning destination where they could make use of the same technologies they were using everyday to find information and communicate with each other. Accessible from a laptop, a smartphone, or using an iOS native app, students can study with the same ease, with the same flow, that they find information and socialize.

Splitt added, “We are deeply committed to helping all students learn, and are intensely focused on providing our users with the most effective, research-based, online learning environment.”

Students agree:

“I really like the quiz option that you have included when you are studying the flash cards. I think this website is very helpful and I have recommended it to many of my friends. They all love it as well.”
Brooke L.

“I normally don’t give feedback to anything but after being overwhelmed by school work and feeling unorganized I found study blue and it was exactly what I needed. This site is amazing and the iphone app too. You all out did yourselves. Thank you!”
Amanda M.

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