Tech Cocktail – It’s Cram Time! StudyBlue Offers Library of Online Study Materials

For college students nationwide, semester finals are upon us. StudyBlue offers the largest and fastest-growing library of online study materials, containing more than 250 million user-generated digital notecards covering every topic from Algebra to Zoology. 7 million students are using the app to create and share study materials — flashcards, lecture outlines — and master their subjects on all web, Android, and iOS devices.

Here’s a breakdown of why students love it:

1. Collaborative: Students can share their study guides and also access those their classmates have created.
2. Contextual: Because students sync with their school and course, their study material tracks with the pace of the class curriculum. And they have access to materials from past years.
3. Correct: StudyBlue’s back-end algorithms curate materials and study guides so the correct material (most often used from SB’s huge library — which acts like a study guide wikipedia) is pushed to the “top of the pile” to help prevent learning off of inaccurate materials
4. Allows for multi-sensory learning: utilizes mobile features to capture photos, make audio notes, etc.
5. Portuguese to Pilates: there’s an incredible library of study materials so students can stretch themselves — literally and figuratively — whatever course they’re taking.