The Three Best Apps for Dental Hygienics Students

Apps are helping dental students all across the world – yes, they do exist!

If you are currently working towards becoming a dental hygienist, there are quite a few apps that can make learning easier. These apps either solve a problem or create a studying platform that was previously unavailable. Given the altruistic nature of these apps, they can serve as a standard educational material for dental students all across the world.

Interested in picking up a few of these apps for yourself? They can help you whether you are already a student or you want some insight on what it’s like to be in a dental hygienist program.

Take a look below for three of the most useful dental apps that are currently available.


Virtual flash cards are in, paper flash cards are out. StudyBlue is an app version of flash cards. It comes pre-loaded with countless dental related flash cards. The app allows for users to create, view and share flash cards via their smartphone. This means you can get access to flash cards created by other dental students as well!

The app is neatly organized with three different categories, which are Materials, Classes, and Classmates. This should give you an idea on the best way you can use the app. Get your study group to join up on the app, get everyone to create a bunch of flash cards, and share the rest of the group in on them to use for studying.