USA Today – These apps are going to help you survive finals

Final exam time is without a doubt one of the most stressful times of the semester for students — crammed with studying, writing papers and group projects. Whether you’re a freshman or senior, staying organized can be crucial to surviving finals.

Given that we live in the technological wonderland that is 2014, there are a variety of apps on the market that can help you study, manage projects and check citations. Let these apps help you make it through the worst week of the year:


More than seven million students use this app to create and share study tools. It offers the ability to share materials that sync on all devices, which provides the chance to collaborate with classmates. With one of the world’s largest study libraries, more than 250 million study materials are accessible.

Different learning styles are accommodated with the option to use flashcards, audio, or images to best learn different subjects. Study materials can be accessed virtually anywhere.