WTVM – Picking the right app can help college students

(WTVM) – Columbus State University students will head back to classes soon, and these days technology tops the to do list.

As the college students head back to school with their mobile devices in hand,  Larry Taghon with Graphicom said you may consider arming them with a few apps that can help make life a little easier.
“There’s a lot of ways that it helps from everything to study notes to schedules to things like Skype if you are far away from home to be able to talk to family and friends,” Taghon said.   
Here are a few apps that could be helpful. 
Studious lets you store notes, photos and keep up with your busy schedule.
Taghon said, “Studius is a great app. It does things like scheduling of your classes to let you be able to keep up where you are supposed to be and homework assignments, those types of things, and it will automatically silence your phone during class times.”
Smart Voice Recorder can record up to 75 hours of audio. The cool part is it will stop recording if there’s a pause during a lecture saving you valuable storage space.
What about an app that will help you prepare for the next multiple choice test? 
Studyblue is the app can create digital flashcards and upload study materials to review on the computer or your smart phone.
You can get ready for a group project or term paper with the Evernote app. 
If you use the app, you can type a note, take a photo, record audio or attach a file. 
Taghon commented, “It lets you create notebooks and keep those things organized and it has a feature that via that cloud, and have access to multiple mobile devices.”
If you are worried about the freshman 15, download the Lose It! app, which track your meals and calories burned each day. 
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