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As students head back to school, we decided to do some research for our dedicated users, and find the best ways to save money during a time when so much is needed for supplies, books, tuition and more.

Cloud Storage

You are not trying to save all of your files on your computer, even if you are lucky enough to have a extremely large hard drive. Most of us are using some sort of cloud storage software, like Dropbox, but which one is the best? Since the functionality seems to be consistent for the most part with all the major players, it seems that cost is the main variable that we should care about and consider. So, let’s look at the comparison:

  • Dropbox : 1TB = $10/month and 2G = Free
  • Box: 100G for $10/month and 10G = Free
  • Google One Drive: 1TB = $10/month and 5GB = Free
  • Amazon Cloud Storage: with a Prime membership you get free unlimited photos and 5GB for other files


cloud storage screenshot

You’ve never heard of Amazon Cloud Storage? Well, not many of us had either. If you are a prime member, it’s free to upload unlimited photos while also having 5 GB for all of your other documents (that’s a lot of documents). If you are not a Prime member, well you might want to consider it for its free shipping and access to Amazon Prime Video.


Money Saving Sites

If you are like many other college students, you might tend to do a lot of online window shopping on clothing sites, travel sites, and more. We asked around and ended up getting a lot of positive feedback on VC Fund My Life, which is a site that aggregates discounts for sites like AirBnB, Jack Threads, Touch of Modern and more. Or if you live in a more congested area or city where driving and parking are more of a luxury, sites like Postmates, Instacart, and TaskRabbit can really come in handy. VC Fund My Life displays the best current deals for all of these sites and more, and while most of the time you won’t find many Black Friday-like discounts, it’s still worthwhile, especially if you already plan on using these services.

vc screenshot

Buying non-time sensitive items.

If there are items you know you want to buy, but you don’t need them right away, you are better off waiting for deals. The challenge is that you don’t want to surf the Internet scouring for deals on relevant sites. So what do you do ? Slickdeals is an awesome deal site that features everything from paper plates to credit cards. You can go on the site and set up deal alerts so you are notified anytime there is a deal on something that interests you.


Top Secret Online Deals

 Well, not really top secret, but Amazon doesn’t talk much about their section devoted to deep discounts, which is perhaps the reason not too many people know about it. It’s called Amazon Warehouse Deals, and here you can find highly discounted items that often match the price of many Black Friday offers. Check out all they have to offer here: Amazon Warehouse Deals.

amazon screenshot


Save Money on StudyBlue

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