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College students are more stressed than ever. They have academic stress as they work to absorb large amounts of material in short amounts of time to compete for the best grades and the best jobs and graduate schools after graduation.

Exacerbating this academic stress is the increasing cost of college and the debt most students face when they finish; the Project on Student Debt reports that 67% of all college graduates leave school with debt. The average debt load for public college graduates is $20,200, 20% higher than in 2004. And the debt load is even higher for students at private colleges. Of course, the tough job market is yet another aggravation. It’s not all doom and gloom for college students, but it’s fair to say they face some potent stressors.

StudyBlue was designed by students, for students. We understand the stress they’re under, and we work to provide learning tools that help students learn with less stress. While we can’t relieve all of a college student’s stress, we can and do play an important role in helping students manage their academic stress.

Learning is a process best performed with consistent engagement over time. As the Chinese proverb says, “Learning is like rowing upstream: not to advance is to drop back.” Students feel this ongoing need to keep pushing ahead, and it often stresses them out. There’s always something they could be doing — reading their textbook, studying their notes, working on their labs. Students feel like they always need to be “on” lest they fall behind.

There are no shortcuts to learning and, by extension, there are no shortcuts to a good grade. To learn, students need to be challenged, but not overwhelmed. Vygotsky called this the Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD. StudyBlue helps students stay in this zone as they navigate their academic careers. With StudyBlue, students calibrate what they’re learning¬†through a comprehensive toolset that helps them understand whether they’ve mastered their material, or need to challenge themselves to learn more.

We know StudyBlue isn’t the answer to all of students’ stress, but we work every day to make sure StudyBlue helps students learn while at the same time reducing their stress.

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