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Five Fun Activities to Get You Moving Towards Self-Improvement

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Sitting in lecture halls for long hours can sometimes make us couch potatoes -- it’s hard to muster the energy to go to class, go to work, do your classwork, while still making time to be active. Exercising also makes your focus sharper and helps you sleep better at night as well. Don’t let yourself fall into the habit of missing out on some good exercise and adventure!

Here are five fitness-oriented activities you can pursue without needing to hit the gym or count your calories. Break up the boring college routines and try something new -- you’ll feel good about it too!

1. Take a Hike & Go on a Trail

student working on self-improvement with hike challenge


Don’t stay stuck indoors, get out and explore. Waking up early and trudging up a mountain in the early hours may be the last thing you want to do, but the result is so rewarding. Get some sunshine, take some breaktaking photos of the mountains and forests, and enjoy the crisp air. Hiking is not only good for building up stamina and strong muscles, but  also great for your mental health. Plus, you can explore some well-known spots outside your campus that you’ve been planning to see since freshman year.

Want to really amp it up? See if you can do the 52 Hike Challenge and keep a journal of all your trails and climbs! Live in California or willing to travel during summer break? We recommend hiking in Big Sur at the California Coast!

2. Prepare for a 5k Run

Students running in a 5k benefit for fitness and self-improvement


Even if you haven’t run in a few years, you can still do a 5K. All it takes is a little bit of practice, or just a push of adrenaline and willpower on the day of the race. Not only do 5Ks give you an incentive to get exercise, but Benefit 5Ks also make you feel great about pitching in and helping your community. There are Benefit 5K’s for cancer research, veterans, and more.

Many universities and local organizations will put on 5K’s for free or cheap, but others require a registration fee that can be fundraised. For example, the St. Jude 5K Walk/Run, hosted across several states, has a registration fee of $10 but encourages participants to fundraise more. Make a call to action to your classmates and family and run with friends!

If health concerns make running hard, there’s also no shame in walking a 5k as well. You’re still burning those calories and doing something good for the world.

3. Learn to Dance

students taking a free dance class for fitness and self-improvement


If you’ve ever been embarrassed about when to step to the beat at a club or party, now’s your chance to do something about your two left feet. Register for an introductory dance class at your college, like Hip Hop or Social Dance.

Many dance classes in cities also offer a free introductory class so you can try it for fun. Shake off the nervous vibes by signing up with a good buddy.

Plus, check out if your local community puts on free dance parties. There are clubs dedicated to hosting salsa dances, swing dances, and more! You might not end up showing off fancy choreography moves on Instagram, but you will find your confidence.

4. Walk dogs! (Seriously)

dogwalking for fitness and self-improvement


Have a soft spot for animals, or miss the pet you left at home? Volunteer to go dog-walking for your friends or local townspeople. With apps such as Wag, you can answer a short survey and become qualified to be a dog walker. You’ll get some well-needed exercise with the sweetest of exercise partners. Plus, who doesn’t love dogs?

Not only is it free, but you can make some pocket money too. Quite a bit of cash if you have some time-strapped well-to-do neighbors around you. Ka-ching!

5. Take a Weekend Bike Trip!

student biking for fitness on summer break


Now that spring is here, hopefully both the skies and roads have cleared in your area. Go take a break for the weekend and plan a fun day trip to a trail, beach, or the city. You can sightsee on a dime and get some much needed exercise as well. All you need is lots of water, a portable charger, bus tickets, and small camera or journal so you can take pictures and jot down your thoughts. This is the perfect trip for introverts that prefer to bike in peace and travel alone.

Or, for the social media stars, you can share your adventures on apps such as Strava and get connected with other student explorers as well!

What are you waiting for? Start planning and let’s get ready for an epic weekend!

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