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While the STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Math) path may not be easy, it certainly has a high pay off, with the benefit of seeing your work come to life and help others. The positive impact of STEM is all around you -- from the structures you walk on, the vitamins you take, to the apps you use to succeed in school.


However, with rising tuition and college fees, studying STEM isn’t always accessible to today’s students. Here are a few scholarships that we think are total winners for reaching out to the communities that need it the most and engaging students with critical thinking and mentorship.


  1. Cards Against Humanity’s Science Ambassador Scholarship



Funded by the wickedly brilliant Cards Against Humanity, this scholarship for undergraduate women requires you to get creative.


You’ll have to create a three minute YouTube video explaining a topic in STEM that you’re interested in. And it doesn’t have to be in your intended discipline.


The deadline is due December 11th, so don’t miss this fun scholarship contest!


2. Great Minds in STEM Scholarships



Great Minds in STEM is partnered up with the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) to give a variety of scholarships to Hispanic students. The scholarship hopes to promote “STEM role models in the Hispanic community.”


To apply, you’ll need to provide a resume, 700-word essay, two letter of recommendations, and a photo.


There are many applications, but all of them require a 3.0 minimum GPA. Applications have past for this year, so check the website again in February, when it reopens!


3. SMART Scholarship from the National Defense Education Program



The Department of Defense want you, but it doesn’t want you to have student loans. This program is interested in supporting individuals that demonstrate strong research skills. It strongly encourages you to apply if you have an interest working for the Department of Defense as a scientist or engineer. To apply, you’ll need to have at least a 3.0 GPA and good test scores if you are a freshman in college.


With a deadline of December 1st, it’s coming fast. But with a prize of $25,000 to 38,000 a year, it might just be worth considering.


4. Anita Borg Scholarship



It’s not surprising that a lot of technology companies are investing in STEM education to fuel future generations and drive innovation across the world. The Anita Borg scholarship at Google supports not only American and Canadian women in STEM, but women students from Europe, Asia, and Africa as well.


By responding to essay questions and providing two letters of references, you could be eligible to win $10,000 USD or $5,000 CAD. Of course you’ll need an impressive academic record and attendance to Google’s special Academic Retreat.


The deadline is December 11, so get your resources together!


5. Microsoft Scholarship



Microsoft is one of the most well-known names in tech, and they also offer many merit-based scholarships to students. The Microsoft Scholarship is for students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or other related STEM subjects. Though it won’t cover other fees, this scholarship will get your tuition paid for one academic year. For most colleges, this can be tens of thousands of dollars!


You’ll need a 3.0 GPA and strong answers to three tough essay questions. The deadline is February 9, so don’t too long to start brainstorming after the holidays.


5. Palantir Scholarships



Palantir, a big data analysis software company, hosts a selection of scholarships for women and underrepresented students. Scholarship recipients will receive $10,000 and select participants will even be offered a Palantir internship!


You’ll also be invited for a full-day workshop to learn more about Palantir’s products and employees.


Deadlines have passed for 2017, so make sure you check back next year to try out for an scholarship from one of tech’s most competitive companies!




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