How to Survive Finals Week


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Finals season is here, and you want to stay prepared. Here are five tips on how to get the most out of this wild and hectic period.


  1. Prepare for your dead week in advance!


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Know you’re going to spend a lot of time holed up in your room? Get a bunch of easy-to-prepare meals and snacks in advance so you can take advantage of time and won’t be scrambling for food and goodies in the middle of the night. Good things to stockpile are: microwavable dinners, fruit, cereal and energy bars, instant ramen & macaroni, bottled iced coffee, and energy drinks. That said, make sure you’re not stuck in your room for too long! Go outside and enjoy some fresh air after a long period.


  1. Get to the review session!


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If your professor offers a review, try to go to it. This is where other students will be asking the hardest questions and the professor will go over the key points. Sometimes, they’ll even tell you exactly what will be on the final or types of questions they may ask -- insider information that other students might not hear. Remember that the professor knows the test better than you do and they want students to pass their class as well. Unless you’re confident that you’re going to ace the final, going to the review will always help.


  1. Study with a friend that’s doing better in the class than you.


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A bit of friendly classmate rivalry is great motivation for getting better grades, but don’t forget that there’s a lot you can learn from your better-performing friends too. If your classmate beat you by ten points on the last midterm, ask them how they studied or what they studied and take the advice to heart. You can also arrange a study session and quiz each other on different chapters. Remember, we all have different ways of retaining information and learning. However, it’s good to have someone keep you accountable and make sure you’re focusing on the right material.


  1. Make a question and answer sheet.


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Go back to your notes and review what you’ve highlighted or underlined. Was there anything the professor repeated or said was on the test? Go and write down potential questions that the professor might ask, and then answer those questions. This will make you really focus on knowing your stuff and get serious about memorizing potential test questions and answers.


  1. Use the StudyBlue app to stay organized!

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Sometimes, you can get too caught up in the process of making Insta-perfect notes, or fancy flashcards, only to spend a lot of time not studying. Use StudyBlue to keep it simple, and make flashcards you can easily review on-the-go. You can even track your progress and set a reminder to study. With 400+ million study materials from review sheets, flashcards, to Homework Help, you can’t go wrong. Let’s help you focus.


So don’t give up and study on! Check out StudyBlue on web, iOS & Android to upgrade your studying game and finals preparation today.