Meds Administraion

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Adverse effects 

Anaphylactic shock- unexpected, severe, sudden reaction

Adverse effects 

Anaphylactic shock- unexpected, severe, sudden reaction

Allergic reaction- unpredicted reaction to medication

Common Drug responses 
Common drug responses 

Half life of a drug 
Synergistic effect 
Drug systems:

Drug systems: 
drugs for immune system 
Routes of drug administration; ORAL/SUBLINGUAL 
Routes of drug administration: TOPICAL 
  Routes of drug administration: PARENTERAL   
Oral route advantage 
Oral route disadvantage 
Sublingual route advantage 
Sublingual route disadvantage (same as Buccal) 
Rectal route advantage and disadvantages 

Vaginal route Ads and disads:

local therapeutic effect

has a limited use

Topical route Ads and disads:

-Messy, soil clothes

transdermal route ads and disads:
increases Systemic effect

Subcutaneous (SC) route Ads and disads: 

-Faster than oral

Intramuscular (IM) route ads and disads: 
-decreased Pain from irritating drugs

Intradermal route ads and disads 

-Absorption slow

-Dosage is too small

Intravenous route ads and disads:   

-Rapid effect

-Limited to increase soluble drugs

Inhalation routes ads and disads:

Planning for drug therapy ( Teaching plan)
IV therapy (fluids)
IV therapy (electrolytes)

IV therapy (parenteral) 
Implementation of drug therapy, teach about:
Special considerations for administration of medications to specific age-groups



patients with organ failure

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