What drives you to be better?

We all study for different reasons. For some of us it's about wanting to make the grade. For others, it's be about saving lives, building faster computers or becoming the next Frank Lloyd Wright. We asked students why they study so hard and got over 300 responses. Read a few of our favorites below.

Top ten.

“I will NOT waste this opportunity.”
United States Air Force
I study to make this world a better place. I am a nursing major who has high aspirations and goals. I study because I earned my education while serving four years in the United States Air Force as a medical technician, including a deployment to Afghanistan. I study because if I didn't, the last four years of my life would not be as valuable as they are. I joined the military not only to serve my country but also to financially support the rising cost of education. I study because every day I woke up, put my boots and uniform on, and treated the best people this country has so that I would have the opportunity to take advantage of amazing educational benefits. I gave up four years of my life (proudly and without regret) to receive the best possible education I can. I will NOT waste this opportunity.

One day, I will be a part of a humanitarian mission to provide medical care to those less fortunate than us. I have seen the pain and suffering that individuals in third world countries endure. I've seen those kids you see on TV who are malnourished and sick. I've treated children with burns over most of their bodies. I study so that I can one day help those who cannot help themselves.
“Only when challenged can we show our heart.”
Los Angeles, California
I study because it takes me places. I measure in at a whopping 5'0", but when I study, I see the world from its highest peaks. There are some things I do not have control over, but what I choose to study is something I hold near; what I study becomes a part of me forever.

Still, studying is hard work. It is not the happy-go-lucky montage of scribbling and reading set to upbeat music we see in sitcoms and movies. Sometimes the concepts are difficult, the TA is particularly choosy, or the work is simply tedious. But only when challenged can we show our heart. Sometimes it's not fun, but when I master the material, I become master of myself-and that empowers me.

The act of studying is unlike any other in that it can directly influence not only your life's trajectory but that of others as well. I study because I want to represent those too weak to represent themselves. I study because I owe it to them, and myself, to be the best at what I do. I study because I have been given a chance to make a difference, and I do not intend to waste it.
“I study because I want to help people.”
Bellingham, Washington
I study because I want to help people. I plan to become a bilingual adolescent clinical psychologist. I study because I want to be able to help teenagers as they grow up and become the next generation. Yes, getting good grades is a perk, getting scholarships is a perk, and of course learning new information on how and why we are the way we are is always interesting. But at the end of the day, I want to be there for that one kid who needs someone to listen to them. Lets face it, our society is so fast paced that there aren't many people who kids can sit down and just talk to when they need someone they can trust. I study so I have the opportunity to be there for those kids.
“I will never
take my education for granted.”
Cairns, Queensland, Australia
I study because I will never take my education for granted. There are so many people in this world who will never have the chance to get the secondary education that I'm able to pursue. While cramming my brain with theory upon theory and stuffing my books with endless pages of notes may not be the most exciting way to spend my time, it is the only way I can respect the opportunities I've been given. Knowledge is empowerment.
“I really think I can change the future.”
I study due to the harsh conditions my family has been through. My parents were from war-torn Vietnam and the poor outskirts of China. They never received a good education from those areas, and they want me to succeed. I strive to learn everything I can possibly learn. I want to pursue a career in computer science, but to do so, my logical-thinking and problem-solving needs to be top notch. I find studying fun and enjoyable. I really think I can change the future when it comes to computers.
“I study so that I can repay those who saved my dad's life.”
Mobile Medical Response
I study so that I can repay those who saved my dad's life.

On my 12th birthday, my dad was in a serious motorcycle accident and was saved thanks to the diligent people in the emergency medical services system. I have always admired the people in that industry and the work that they do. If it wasn't for those people doing their job, saving my dad's life, there is not a doubt in my mind that he would not be with us today.

I am now 18 years old and have decided to pursue a career in EMS and am currently working for my EMT-Basic license. After this, I plan to further my education and become a paramedic.

StudyBlue helps me every day to learn the necessary skills that someday I will need to save someone else's dad.
“I study out of respect.”
Illinois State University
I study out of respect for the knowledge available to me. The people who've spent their lives dedicated to advancing what we know deserve every ounce of our effort. Whether that be our professors who have decided that telling us what they know is worth their time or the researchers from centuries ago who fought tooth and nail for every fact we now take for granted.
“It makes sense to be using my brain.”
Nanaimo, British Columbia
I study because it's what makes sense to me. It makes sense to be using my brain for what it was intended—learning, critical thinking, problem solving. I study because, when I look back through history, those people who were truly accomplished or whom I truly idolize, were eager to learn, to practice, and to hone their skills to improve themselves and the world around them.
“I study because I love to learn new things.”
Spanish Teacher at Seminole ISD
I study because I love to learn new things, and I consider myself a lifetime learner. I study to stay abreast of the current state of the Spanish language so I can offer the best and most up-to-date information to my students. Of all the things I may yet regret in life, I will never, ever regret any time or effort I have invested in studying or learning, because it has allowed me to make a good life for myself and my family.
“I will always
have my education to hold on to.”
Indianapolis, Indiana
The reason I study is because life is full of changes. Life has all sorts of twists, turns, road blocks, and even dead ends. Whether it's something drastic that happens or I just fail in general, I always know that no matter what, I will always have my education to hold on to. That little piece of paper that reads "diploma" or "degree" means so much more to me than any trophy that I have ever received. My coaches always told me to get an education no matter what, because if going professional doesn't work out for you, you will have something better anyway. No matter what happens in this world, NOBODY can take your education from you. People can take your money, your house, your car, etc., but you will always have your knowledge.

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